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This is the bkraul wiki. I set up this knowledge repository with the hopes of overcoming a common problem.

I am a software developer. My job demands knowledge every day. Because I am not a walking know-it-all book, I often find myself looking for answers online, in order to solve my issues. This works great most of the time.

However, as it is often the case, the process is repetitive. I need knowledge. I search for and find knowledge. I apply knowledge. Then, I forget knowledge, and I forget where I got it from. Then I need it, AGAIN.

The concept of a Wiki is not new. It has been around for ages. There are wikis for everything, starting with Wikipedia, the point of origin, to specialized wikis such as wikia. Countless projects and websites also have their own wikis in which they detail and document to meet their specific needs.

As I found myself searching the web, reading countless forums, reading wikis, it became apparent to me that I could benefit from having a one-stop source of the knowledge I use often, without the need of re-embarking on the quest for knowledge all over the internet, a process which can be considerably taxing.

The knowledge stored in this wiki is primarily of IT-based nature. However, the topics can be varied. As of today, contributions to the wiki are disabled, until I see how much information I can store by myself. You are welcome to search and try to find answers and solutions. You can also navigate the site using the sidebar.

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