How to install Ubuntu Tweak on Ubuntu 13.04

Here are the commands that you need to run in the terminal one after the other in the given order to get Ubuntu Tweak installed on your machine.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/next
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

It will take a minute or two depending on your internet connection speed. Once you are done you can launch the application by searching Ubuntu Tweak in the Unity Dash search bar.

Once the application starts, you should be able to see the below screen. A window that shows you your system overview along with the quick links of some recently used features. As you are launching the application for the first time, the Recently Used section might come blank for you.

You can click on the Apps tab to get a list of apps available to be installed to your machine. You can select the apps you like from a variety of categories like Browser, Email, File Sharing, Instant Messages, Theme, Utility, Internet etc. All you have to do is select an application an click on install button.

The next tab is Tweaks where you can find means of tweaking the system font, sound, theme, Desktop Icons, Login Setting and many other things as shown in the screenshot below.

The next tab is Admins where you can edit the Source Center, basically the sources.lst file through this UI . Be extra careful if you choose to edit this file manually as this can screw your system in a real bad way.

And the last tab Janitor is a clean up interface where you can look for unncessary files those can be deleted and by doing so can regain the system space. If you are familiar with Ccleaner in windows space you will feel at home here.

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