Cleaning up files from NVIDIA Installations

Most of us are pretty familiar with the fact that new video driver updates often leave behind various guff and blergs that can start to pile up as time goes on. However, I've noticed the more recent updates seem to be doubling up on this inert filematter and tucking it away in several new places you might not have looked yet. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a stingy miser when it comes to anything that takes up space on my C drive. Keeping your drivers up to date is a good thing to be sure, but you don’t have to give up all your drive space in the process.

Straight to the point, here’s the crap you can delete to after each update to keep things sparkly clean (Windows 7+):

  1. Everything in C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2 (but not the folder itself). This freed up 418MB on my particular PC, last cleaned 30 days ago with 2 updates in the meantime.
  2. All the .exe files in C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService (again, leave the folders intact). Again using my own machine as an example, we saved 967MB here.
  3. If you've been running your current configuration for a particularly long time, you might still have a C:\NVIDIA folder. Feel free to do away with the whole folder and everything in it.

So in this instance we won back a total of 1385MB of space, but in my experience every GeForce driver + GFE update to leaves behind about 600MB of miscellaneous gradoo. Considering NVIDIA puts out about 15 of these on a yearly basis, it doesn't take long to start noticeably losing ground to the aforementioned leftovers (especially if tip #3 applies to you, in which case you’ll probably be freeing up enough space to install the next Far Cry). I’m sure there’s a reason this is done, but if so I sure haven’t found one and I've been cleaning up in the above fashion on half a dozen gaming machines around the office as a regular habit for quite a long time with no discernible detriment.[1]

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